The hype around Tik Tok how companies benefit from it

Tik Tok (in the country of origin China “DouYin”) describes a social network, similar to Instagram, with an emphasis on music and dance. However, here is not communicated via photos, but only on self-rotated, with music deposited videos to which usually danced and sung.

This is how the Trend App works

Tik Tok is short videos, usually only a few seconds, in which people dance to music and move their lips in sync. Quite similar to the pioneer app “”, which was bought and replaced by Tik Tok. Effects let you edit the videos in the app. If you want to reach a target audience with specific interests, you can easily assign the videos to any category using hashtags.

Good to know: with the app you can even make money! In live streams, users can donate money to their idols.

Tik Tok as an advertising platform for companies?

Tik Tok holds great potential for companies, especially if the target group targets young people under 20. While Tik Tok has not yet been used as a new, well-founded marketing strategy in this country, well-known brands such as Adidas Neo are already experimenting with the app in China. From their experience, one could also draw valuable conclusions in Germany. In order for a video on Tik Tok to reach the viewers and keep businesses in the spotlight, it’s important to keep an eye on the trends and respond to them as quickly as possible. What once worked, may not work on the 3rd or 4th time. Variety is needed here. A good way could be especially with fashion and beauty brands also the cooperation with well-known influencers, as well as it works for years on the social platform Instagram.

Human recruiting

Tik Tok could also be of help for recruiting the companies, for example by showing funny or interesting short snapshots of everyday work with colleagues. Numerous users have already uploaded Tik Toks from the workplace under the hashtag “#lovemyjob”, sometimes with thousands of likes. Does this mean that Tik Tok is an essential marketing strategy for companies? In any case, the opportunities and the potential for companies are great when the target group is young and you always keep up with trends and variety. So it may be worthwhile for companies to look into the Tik Tok app and experiment to see how the concept can be used to achieve success.

Tik Tok: Will the music app soon release Instagram?

Tik Tok stands out for the enormous growth in terms of user numbers, especially in recent months. So the app has landed in an app ranking of the best free apps in the Google Play Store in 4th place. Instagram, however, only reached the 11th place. In the Apple App Store, however, things look a bit different: Tik Tok took 8th place, while Instagram was 3rd. Despite the app’s huge growth, Instagram has been one of many users’ favorite apps so far. The risk that Tik Tok could replace Instagram completely is rather low. Which is most likely due to the fact that Tik Tok Video is mainly popular with very young users under 20.


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